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Nice topic


How do we talk about this?
We can agree on basic principles, but how can we talk brass tacks of future finance to best protect ourselves?

John Power

Marriage sometimes unites 2 people with different financial beliefs, it's good to sort it out early.


It's very important to go ahead and talk about money before the wedding! I've seen lots of couples fight about it soon after marrying when they didn't know each other's saving and spending habits.

Nicole Kraft

These are great questions that every engaged or married couple should think about. And including money agreements into the vows is a brilliant idea. I know from my own marriage, money stuff is big and is something we are constantly working on together. Writing what you aspire to in your vows may be a great way to remind yourself of what you want as a couple when the going gets tough. Great post!

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Yep. Money can be a problem in any marriage. Even in a marriage between two older people, both with their own money, I've seen it really take hold. It's best to discuss all of this in advance. It's too bad our society discourages frank and open discussion about money. Thanks for the tip!

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